polymer diffusion panels

An area of ​​10 sq cm solar LED glass brick, production cost of about NT $ 250 million, about 80 yuan over the same area of the commercially available glass brick. But the diverse functions of this product should be great potential for commercialization. The teachers and students of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology developed a combination of solar cells and Marquee LED glass brick wall, daytime electricity needed to power storage for night, this technology or become a new the merchant energy saving signs. . According to reports, their design reference Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute developed the solar power windows, power design, polymer diffusion panels, solar batteries and LED lights, LED glass brick. The case of exposure to sunlight during the day for about 8 hours, can provide the power required for about 3-4 hours at night illuminated. Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering students said many business applications glass brick wall to do the lighting, compartment, or outdoor works of art, if the projection light source changes in the glass block walls, can change the atmosphere, or the application into large marquees style shop signs.