outsourced to advertising agencies operating

LED large screen hanging outside the building, whether there is occupation of urban public space? The proceeds all go to the building owners and advertisers all? Archive expensive in Nanjing, LED large screen advertising. New Nanjingxinbai upstairs 100 big screen, for example, the screen broadcast 60 times a day, every 15 seconds, about ten million a week, is the most expensive advertising costs in Nanjing screen. To define the ownership of the resources of the outdoor LED screen, Nanjing has organized experts to discuss: one group that is forcing the public to accept its release information, so should be a public resource, the results of the two points of view at loggerheads; those who know that, according to the Property Law building walls and display belongs to the owners, the owners have the right to dominate benefit. LED large screen blind spot monitoring . In, Ma Liangqi its ownership can only be defined in legislation. A senior advertising person said, on the operating mode, Nanjing vast majority of LED screen are sole outsourced to advertising agencies operating mall owners to receive a certain amount of rent each year. Nanjing over 40 pieces LED screen advertising media companies belonging to more than 30. In fact, LED large screen to bring people confused and more.